What is 2nd tier linking?

The best way to build links to your website is by writing good quality content or having something on your website that people will want to link to. This could be a really useful how to do something article or a free download of some sort.

Sometimes when analysing backlinks to a website I find sites that have a high domain authority but low page authority. This is usually down to the fact that the page doesn’t have any or many backlinks pointing to it. I personally like to use social sites to link to these pages to improve their page authority. I have also used profile pages or domain checkers to help. Below is an example of one that I use and I particular like this site as you get more than one link:


Linkedin is a great website for getting your business out there. You can connect with people or groups but you can also create what are called show case pages. This allow you to show off some of your products or services. This is an example of one we have done for our own website: Lojix responsive website design services.

Folkd is a great place to bookmark your links. This is my profile on there.

Other social media sites that are great to get your name out there and help with backlinks to your products or services include Slideshare and Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my favourites as it is easy to use and you can create boards such as this online marketing board I setup to showcase some of our blog articles. This is suitsmen on Wakelet which is a great social media site to use for getting your name out there.

Find lojix on Followus.

I only recommend linking a couple of times to your 1st tier backlinks otherwise I doubt Google or other search engines would like that. You should be concentrating on creating great content for your website so that people want to share or link to it.


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