Top 10 Minecraft Prison Tips

  1. Creating Plots

Creating your own personal plot can give earn yourself plenty of money. How do you earn money on a plot? Firstly, if the server is a large, popular server then you could set up a donation chest. Any kind players passing by on your plot may give you an awesome donation to help you out. Also, you could create a shop. This is where you can buy items such as diamonds off other players for relatively average price and sell them for more. Selling the diamonds you mined is also another way to sell them for a good price.

  1. Visiting Plots

Another useful way to make good money in Minecraft Prison from plots is by going to other people’s plots that have shops. Here you can sometimes sell ores for better prices than selling them at your warps.

  1. Ranking Up

As soon as you have enough money in order to rank up to the next warp, I advise to do so straight away. There are many people that I see on prison servers that love to rank up all at once. However, even though the next warp up might have similar ores, you will be able to sell them for more.

  1. Selling Items

Selling items such as OP armour, weapons and more can be a great way of making yourself easy cash.

  1. Auction House

A Minecraft Prison Server should have an auction. This allows players to sell any items they believe can make them money or that they may not need. Selling items on there can be quick and easy.

  1. Warps

Even though I said always mine at the highest warp, sometimes your highest warp might be busy and packed with other players. If so, it might be best to go to the next warp down in order for you to have a free warp for yourself.

  1. PvP

PvP (fighting other players) can get you cool items if you can kill them first. However, if you die you obviously will lose everything so I don’t recommend fighting with your best items in your inventory. Pairing up with a friend, making it a 2v1 is always a good call.

  1. Enchanting

Enchanting any items such as pickaxes is a good, cheap way to get awesome enchants. If you’re never lucky then this might not be for you!

  1. Kits

You can get kits by buying ranks but you everyone should start off with a starter kit. Whatever kits you have, every kit is designed to help you so try and use them as much as possible.

  1. Scammers

Never trust anyone you don’t know. If you’re every unsure about a trade you are making, its always best to do it over the auction house, ask a helper to watch or record it (if scamming is breaking the rules). This way, you can ensure you can’t get scammed or you can get your items back if you do.


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