5 Gaming Trends for 2019

2019 looks set to be a massive year for the gaming industry and gaming aficionados alike, as game developers seek to take advantage of some major new innovations and introduce some spectacular new technology to the field. Let’s take a look at some of the main trends that look set to dominate the year.

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Automation Software for Machinery

Everyone knows that robotics is the future. The future of reducing staffing costs, the future of streamlined efficiency and even, you could argue, the future of machines working for us and the reduction of working hours (we can but dream). [Read more…]

Top Tips To Enjoy A Day Out On A Budget

Why not enjoy a cheap day out with the family by picking up a few easy savings along the way.  Liz Walsh from Topdogdays has put together some of her favourite money saving ideas to help you enjoy a day out on a budget. [Read more…]

Rare items in Rocket League

Rare items in Rocket League can be obtained in a numerous of different ways. What exactly can you class rare items as? [Read more…]

Rocket League | All you need to know

Rocket League is developed and published by Psyonix.

It is a football (or soccer for you US people) game with a difference. The players are actually in booster-rigged vehicles or cars. [Read more…]

Online and Local Auction Tips

When it comes to either form of auction there are always winners and losers and both online and local auctions can be tricky to navigate and no matter how experienced you are you can always benefit from a refresh on some of the biggest dos and don’ts as well as a fresh perspective. [Read more…]

Is Your IT Support too Expensive?

There is no doubt that there are companies out there that are shelling out more than they need on their IT support, but on the other hand it is a very fine balance as IT is often an area that can reward those who cut costs [Read more…]

The chances of getting a recording deal in the music industry

It is most musicians’ dream to get their music on Radio 1, have it top charts digitally and sell-out arenas, but the key to this is becoming involved in the record industry. [Read more…]

5 Important Factors of Web Design

Whilst it is fair to say that pretty much every modern business will already have a website at the time of writing this article, it is also pretty accurate to assume that not all of these online entities have been designed effectively. [Read more…]

How can you tell who has visited your website?

A few years back all you knew about who had visited your website was a raw figure – ten, say, or 300 over a period of time. Even this was something you had to turn on on your page – you might have chosen not to have a counter, in which case your website could sit there and you wouldn’t know if it was being visited or ignored. [Read more…]

Preparing your Business for Future SEO

The technical, analytical and creative skills necessary to maintain competitive SEO provision are constantly changing, so it’s essential to move with the times and make sure you stay one step ahead of the crowd. If you’re a company owner, freelancer, consultant or agency professional, take a look at the following tips to find out how to prepare your business for the future of SEO. [Read more…]

Minecraft Games

What is Minecraft?

Since Minecraft was first launched in 2009 it has enchanted many millions of players – 21 million copies of the software have been sold in the Pocket Edition alone – and has spawned many merchandising items from Lego sets to socks. Minecraft books and annuals have also been written and although much of the merchandising is aimed at children, with toys and foam axes leading the field, Minecraft is very much a game for all generations. [Read more…]

What are Citations?

Citations are basically mentions of your website or business on another website. This could be on a forum, directory or social media site. Citations are seen by search engines as people talking about your website or business. This is different from people linking to you they are just mentioning you. [Read more…]

What is 2nd tier linking?

The best way to build links to your website is by writing good quality content or having something on your website that people will want to link to. This could be a really useful how to do something article or a free download of some sort.

Sometimes when analysing backlinks to a website I find sites that have a high domain authority but low page authority. [Read more…]

SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings

Getting a page 1 listing on Google or Bing can bring hundreds and sometimes thousands of people to your website each month. There are 2 ways in which you can get to page 1, the first being paid inclusions and the second is using SEO and link building to get into the organic listings. Here I will try to help you with both of these.

We will start with what I think is the most difficult getting page one rankings in the organic search results. [Read more…]